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Cassie is alone. She thinks she might be the last human left on Earth. Cassie is a survivor of an alien invasion that has come in four waves.

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Cassie's mother died from the Ebola virus in the second wave. During the fourth wave, her father was killed by soldiers. Ironically, before the soldiers gunned down her father, she had believed that they would save her family. Cassie now lives alone in the woods. She has a promise she must keep. Cassie promised her little brother Sammy that she would come for him at the military base where the soldiers took him after their father's death.

However, as Cassie makes her way to the military base, she is shot in the leg by an alien hosts she refers to as Silencers. Cassie becomes sick as the snows begin to fall and nearly dies. Cassie is rescued by a young farm boy, Evan. However, Cassie soon comes to suspect Evan is a Silencer, perhaps even the Silencer who shot her. Ben Parish is living in a refugee camp when he becomes ill with the Ebola virus.

Just as Ben believes he is going to die, the camp is raided by soldiers. Ben is taken to a military camp where he is given medications that cure him of the illness. Vosch, the camp's commander, comes to see Ben and gives him a reason to continue the fight. Ben joins a squad and trains to be a soldier. He wants to go out and kill the aliens who destroyed his family. As he trains, Ben meets a five year old boy who is scared of everything. The little boy is convinced that his sister is coming to save him.

When Ben and Ringer discover a sniper who was shooting at them is really their drill sergeant, Ben believes her. Ben tries to convince the other soldiers and only succeeds when one of them accidentally kills himself with a drill sergeant's device.

However, Ben refuses to leave Sammy behind at the base and insists on going back. Cassie sneaks onto the base and manages to make her way to a bunker where Sammy is being held. As she attempts to escape with him, they run into Ben. Ben agrees to join them even though he is weary of trusting anyone.

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On their way to safety, they run into Vosch. Evan helps Cassie, Ben, and Sammy escape, but stays behind to destroy the base. It is obvious that the boot camp is shady from the start but until halfway through the book, it is very difficult to pin down the real baddie. Cassie was such an amazing character — strong, resourceful, smart and alien-apocalypse-ready. Evan comes off a bit creepy at times, and Ben was annoying in the start with his hero-worship. The writing was brilliant and utterly 3-dimensional and the voices so distinct — Cassie being dry-sarcastic, Ben with his guilt-hero thing, Evan in conflict and Sam through his childish eyes.

One of the best alien sci-fi I have come across!

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Krutula Nair Top 50 Reviewer 88 reviews. Could've Done Much Better. November 13, I honestly had such high hopes for this book. I was super-excited to read it. And for the first half of the book, I genuinely enjoyed it.

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I loved the references to aliens in pop culture and the thrilling action. Cassie felt like a great narrator, she was sarcastic at the right moments, but also serious in telling her story. But this, my friends, is where everything went wrong. If you answered slim to none, you actually have some logic. Creepy much?

And when she wakes up, he caters to her every need. And you think you can classify this as science fiction? Jillian Top Reviewer 3 reviews. Intense, Unique, and will have you white knuckled August 26, Let me just start by saying Wow! This book was so good! All I've heard about this book are rants and raves I haven't read much science fiction but this book has got me wanting to read more.

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The world in this book is unlike any world I've ever read before. We are there with Cassie as she goes through each wave that arrives and kills those around her. Yancey does a fantastic job of keeping you on edge with Cassie as she strives to figure out just what exactly is going on and what the 5th wave will bring. There are multiple perspectives given throughout the book of the characters and how they weave around each other and interconnect is just brilliant.

I loved all the characters and found myself rooting for each and every one of them. The romance was like a candle in a pitch black room - a light that steadily grew brighter with each page. The action in this book is never ending with plot twists galore. This book will keep you up at night wanting to know what happens next and will keep you up after reading it, wondering what will happen next. Just when you think you've got something figured out, something happens that makes you rethink yourself.

When I was about a third of the way in, I was so confused that I was getting frustrated with the book but I pushed through and it didn't take long to figure out what was going on. This book will keep your nose between the pages and your brain quickly thinking up what will happen next. I highly recommend this one! Katie Park Top Reviewer 11 reviews. Didn't meet my expectations. August 25, Believe me, I didn't wanted it to happen with The 5th Wave since I bought it and I've been hearing such great things about it for months.

There was this huge hype even before it got out and it drove me crazy when someone posted a 5 star review. I eventually got the book but I was reading the first 50 pages for two days.

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It was nothing but empty pages. Nothing was happening. Only pages and pages of info dumping. I usually prefer getting info dumped here and there, not right from the start and all through the whole pages long novel. It didn't work well for me. I couldn't ignore it. Or maybe I was just so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open. Or maybe those twitter chats were more interesting. Maybe it all of those things put together. One of my GR friends told me to keep reading because it gets better and surprise!

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It did. It was so good I started comparing it with Angelfall. At certain points of the novel I liked it more than The Hunger Games. Mayfly was this awesome post-apocalyptic warrior with a soft heart. There was this crazy killer called The Silencer, Zombie was giving me these tingly feelings and Nugget was just precious. Everything was super-duper.

Oh, Mr. I usually enjoy reading romantic scene but you, Mr. Yancey, failed me this time. You gave me a girl who talks more about those deep brown eyes and his chocolate breath; the guy who creeps around the girl, reads her diary and hides the truth. Thank you, dear author. Thank you. Everything went downhill from there. I kept reading it and hoping things will turn around and be great again but it never happened.

Everything else just didn't capture my attention. I kept glancing when his part is coming next. Other parts were, dare I say, boring? At least they were up until the very end when shit got done. The reason I gave it 3 stars and didn't go any lower is because of awesomeness which is Mayfly At least before she met The Silencer , Zombie's change from a coward to a hero, Nugget being such a brave little soldier and Ringer giving me Allyson from The Immortal Rules feels.