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Edgar Froese obituary

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Tangerine Dream / In Search of Hades: The Virgin Recordings 1973-1979

Tried and recommended tours by Grapevine. What is your travel style? News vine. Latest Latest. Show Me More! Dead cheap to buy now too…you should def get one if you are a collector of this stuff.

Tangerine Dream: how German electronica is helping genetic science at The Francis Crick Institute

Shame that Oppo are not longer selling players. Managed to get a UDP during their final run. I hope mine lasts forever. My 18 disc John Martyn boxset is a similar design where the discs slide into cardboard pockets, I just purchased a pack of Japanese cd inner sleeves and they fit perfectly into the pockets stopping the CDs from getting scratched. BUT from a Japanese dealer. They were very rare and I never did find a supplier as I wanted to put all my CD card sleeve singles in them.

It was my first exposure to Tangerine Dream and then I found out my future Brother in Law had a copy of Phaedra and my first exposure to Oxygene. These things last in the mind. This is an absolute feast of material!

Whilst it is disappointing that Virgin EMI seem to have lost the multitracks of most of these albums! Paul this boxset is not showing for sale anywhere else on Amazon they have live at Coventry cathedral in as a lavish box set for delivery in may.

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Why so many releases of this period all of a sudden? Seems strange is it a definite that you will have it for sale. Just wondering no criticism inferred. Ordered via your shop. Steven Wilson remixes is certainly a good thing. Only two albums in 5. So adding this to the expectable quality of the remix this is ok not a real bargain. But as a TD collection I bough much more unreasonable things…. Not to forget: Paul, respect for your growing shop, I am pleased it contains some important progressive treasures.


Unfortunately it becames more and more pricey to pay postage when delivered to the continent. The live concert recording come straight from the Manor Mobile so are soundboard recordings better than anything available, the recording of the Royal Albert Hall in again recorded by the Manor Mobile is available for the first time in Stereo, complete and contains the full introduction by John Peel. Super stoked to get this, been a Tangs fan for over 30 years! Looking forward to hearing the unreleased Phaedra sessions and the full Oedipus disc plus the 3 recorded manor mobile concerts.

I wonder if the music on that youtube video of TD in the Manor in 75 is in those outtakes as it sounds very Rubycon-esque! This appeared on amazon today then after 5 mins vanished. Is there a problem ordering?. I noticed 2 shops with pre orders yesterday and now the pages have vanished? Everything is good…ordering will re-commence on Thurs.

I will remind everyone when this happens. How disappointing. Keep up the good work on SDE.

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It will definitely be available — on Thurs. Nothing to worry about just some behind the scenes logistics.

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Thurs AM is when it will be back. Thanks Peter. But that was bootleg quality, albeit listenable. I wonder if these are soundboard recordings? And a couple of subjective comments.

Personally I find Phaedra quite unique in their catalogue. From Rubycon onwards the sequencers are really to the fore and by Stratosfear they are performing compositions as opposed to improvisations. But Ricochet and Rubycon are stunning so anyone in doubt about purchasing, just go for it. Then buy the earlier Ohr albums because they are even better. Atypical, but the second side is instrumental so win win. It also has the full intro by John Peel again unlike any other release. Not interested in the 5. Have had most of this music for years on vinyl, then CD but cannot resist a tasty box set, and the live stuff, a new book and now I am excited….

Check it out, it may be on youtube. Been so impatient for the details on this one to be released — and not disappointed now they have. As others have alluded to reason for lack of more 5. Amazing set. As this climaxes with the excellent Force Majeure, I am hoping this means we will get a second set in the future, as this stops immediately before Johannes Schmoelling joins the band by far my favourite era — i.

Yes it is.

Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe - German Tangerine

The Tangs were masters of ambient electronics, and early use of sequencers. If you like Phaedra then my guess is you love the rest of their output from this, their finest period. They did put their foot in it with the Cyclone album however, bringing in vocalist Steve Jolliffe which did not go down well at all. All the other albums are purely instrumental. As for the Sorcerer soundtrack, that was issued by MCA, although I am sure that Universal could of got hold of it and included especially as the film got a Blu Ray release last year.

I already have the previous collections and , but after going carefully through the track listings have decided that this is very much a must have. I will be placing an order for it. Excellent stuff throughout. I just wonder whether there will be a second set to cover the remain Virgin era up to ?

Thanks for that Simon! Hi Peter. Hi, Steve! Chris Richards: Yes apparently a stereo version of the Royal Albert Hall recorded by the Manor Mobile has been unearthed and was in good condition. It even includes the full intro by John Peel. Peter This is the majestic era of Tangerine Dream with mellow sequencers and guitars, mellotron and piano. Phaedra, Stratosfear, Rubycon are classics and Encore and Ricochet are amazingly melodic live albums. Nice, nice, very nice. Ahhh, for 5. Brilliant release , extra special as Steve Wilson is involved.

Would loved to have had all of Force Majeure in 5. At last! Been waiting for the official news on this release since S. Wilson mentioned his involvement in the project. And, the set is reasonably priced, too. Sorcerer soundtrack was released on MCA, and not Virgin, although it was in this time frame ie Sorcerer was released on MCA, none of the tracks were released on any of the compilation albums that came out but there have been a couple of cd reissues of it over the years.

Definitive…until a reissue with everything in 5. I bet director Tony Palmer is absolutely steaming mad. When I see him next time I will ask him! Coventry the Gonzo version is the same old awful thing from years back with the wrong music on it.

Excited about this — good to see they have dug up some true rarities, and great to have SW involved. There will be standalone releases of the studio albums.