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My position here may be seen in the lineage of the few studies into the part played by patronage in modern architecture that, incorporating social and architectural histories, epitomise the relevance of looking at little-heralded actors of the built environment. Very recent scholarship and international meetings specifically devoted to the circulation of architecture and transnational dissemination still place strong emphasis on the role of the architect, e. Accessed 30 July Architecture and Planning in Africa , p.

Accessed 22 July ; and Journal of Architecture , vol. Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum , vol. I thank the anonymous peer-reviewer who suggested this reference. On the concept and its development see e. Brill, Studie in global history, 3 , p. Oxford University Press, Oxford history of art.

A very recent example, focused on the consequences of such exchanges on the built and social fabric of the home country today, is Sarah Lynn Lopez , The Remittance Landscape: University of Chicago Press, Cambridge University Press, , p. Percursos de Interculturalidade , Lisboa: Routledge, Architext series , p. The Circulation of Architecture with Portuguese Labour, — Mercedes Volait, in March The author thanks the COST Action management committee and his hosts for creating these opportunities to further his research and take part in this groundbreaking project.

This is one of the most thorough investigations to date on the social, economic and cultural features of Algarvian settlers overseas; however, little mention is made of their building practices, either at home or abroad. Free download.

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Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. On a trip to the Algarve, we visited Praia Dona Ana to capture the sunrise as it bathed the beach and unique rock formations along the coast in soft, golden light. The Algarve is popular with tourists seeking sun, sea and sand. This means the beaches can be very busy during peak periods. That's why sunrise is one of the best times to enjoy this beautiful stretch of coastline.

Praia Dona Ana. Helpful Save. Aug This complete nine-day itinerary combines urban exploration in historic cities with stunning rural and coastal excursions for an exciting overview of Portugal. You'll begin in the north in charming Porto and with a private driver, work your way south to Lisbon ending your stay in the Algarve in Albufeira.

Best of Portugal from Porto to Albufeira - 9 days kimkim. We know that choosing the right accommodation can be tricky so in our post, we're giving you a little helping hand to pick which area in Lagos appeals to you the most and best matches your interests and budget. Onyria Palmares Golf. AquaLuz Suite Hotel.

Marina Club Lagos Resort.

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    The Douro Valley. Pinhao, Portugal. Paiva walkway. Arouca, Portugal. Madeira Islands. Ananya Ray posted a photo. Jun Here to catch the waves.

    TripAdvisor posted a link. Jul Portugal has consistently been voted one of the top countries to visit in Europe. What exactly makes the country so special? Cascade Wellness Resort. Terrace BA. Lisbon, Portugal. Pousada Palacio Estoi.

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    Estoi, Portugal. Inside Lisbon Tours. Around Lisbon. Fado in Chiado. Discover Lisbon. Mar Planning a surf trip to Portugal? Keywords: scientific motherhood, maternal education, parenting magazines, discourse analysis. The dominant family ethics in the s, in the Western world, inserted women in the domestic space, particularly after becoming a mother Allen, ; Cova; Pinto, ; Odland, ; Pimentel, ; Rocha; Ferreira, In Portugal, this ideology of domesticity is reinforced by State-driven barriers to women's access to jobs.

    This ideology was disseminated using various apparatus and organisations that characterized a period of organised modernity Wagner, , since they "envisage the cognitive or behavioural modelling" Candeias, , p. This end was achieved through education, regarded by the elites as one of the privileged mechanisms for social intervention. In Portugal, the elites of the Estado Novo clearly understood the potential of education as a socialisation tool. However, the focus on educating women was not only the concern with the inculcation of a certain family ethic, but was based on the view that this was the most effective way of addressing the main problems affecting children, more specifically child mortality and morbidity.

    In a context where there was a greater concern about the population, in both qualitative and quantitative terms, high child mortality and morbidity rates, which had been made quantifiable by applying statistics to demographics, were regarded, by Portuguese elite as one of the most serious issues afflicting childhood Ferreira, ; Ferreira, ; Ferreira, M.

    In spite of the awareness that phenomena such as poverty, malnutrition or poor living conditions can contribute to this problem, these were often ignored in the public discourses about childhood. Paradoxically, the enhancement of the mothers' role in their children's upbringing, and their responsibility for the development of future citizens, was accompanied by criticism directed at the mothers' educational capacity.

    While focusing - in the first two decades of the 20th century - on the mothers of the working classes, such criticism rapidly expanded, becoming universal in the s, extending to women from all social classes Vilhena, Such criticism was the product of an emerging ideology of scientific motherhood Apple, , based on the belief that in order to effectively exercise their maternal duty, mothers needed to know and comply with the rules drawn from childhood sciences, resorting to the advice of experts.

    As several authors have shown Apple, ; Armstrong, ; Ferreira, M. Therefore, several strategies and initiatives of education for motherhood were developed, whose main goal was the dissemination among mothers of the scientific standards for raising and educating children, and, ensuring this way the development of healthy and socially integrated citizens. It should be noted that the strategies used for educating mothers, which were, as stated by Maria Manuela Ferreira , p.

    While working class women were more directly targeted through procedures such as the social survey or house visits Apple, ; Boltanski, ; Ferreira, M. During a period when Portuguese society was undergoing modernisation, publications addressed to mothers were used as tools for regulating and standardising the behaviour of mothers, by disseminating the dominant discourse on motherhood, i.